Cuyahoga Land bank to demolish 60 dwellings in East Cleveland (WEWS)

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cuyahoga Land Bank will demolish 60 dwellings in East Cleveland beginning Wednesday, September 14.

24 vacant apartment buildings and 31 abandoned houses will be knocked down. Another five units will be deconstructed to clear way for three redevelopment sites within the city that will be used for new housing or small commercial/mixed use development.

The demolition portion of the project will create eight jobs, each paying $10 an hour.

About 80 percent of the wood and 60 percent of the brick used in the redevelopments will be diverted from landfills and recycled in the marketplace.

The redevelopment project is funded through the use of nearly $900,000 in NSPII funds. Land Bank officials say the project will help return abandoned and detrimental properties in Cuyahoga County to productive use.

The demolition will kick off with a ceremony Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m. on Hartshorn Road.

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