Congressman Gets Land Bank Briefing

It is not every day that a Congressman comes to the Cuyahoga Land Bank offices for a county land bank briefing.  That is just what happened in January 2014 when Congressman David Joyce visiteDavid_Joyced the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s offices.
“We work very closely with our U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators on matters that are important to land banking and community development.  We also appreciate the bi-partisan way in which our congressional delegation works together for the benefit of the community,” said Gus Frangos, President of the Cuyahoga Land Bank.
That bi-partisanship was on display last year when Representatives Marcia Fudge, Marcy Kaptur and David Joyce introduced the Restore Our Neighborhoods Act in an attempt to assist cities, counties and community development groups in securing funding for needed blight clearing activities in some of the hardest hit areas throughout the midwest. “I think the work of county land banks is crucial to the recovery of our neighborhoods in the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis.  My district includes several counties that have county land banks, and I thought it would be good to get a briefing from what is considered the best land bank in the nation,” said Congressman Joyce.
The visit was a follow-up from a meeting that Frangos and Cuyahoga Land Bank staff attorney, Doug Sawyer, had in Washington D.C. with the respective Representatives’ staff to address appropriate balances between asbestos regulation and the need to demolish blighted properties.  “I am happy to work with the Cuyahoga Land Bank and cities throughout the midwest to assist in achieving a path forward that produces the best results in a safe manner,” said Congressman Joyce.
Congressman Joyce was very familiar with the tax foreclosure process as he served as a county prosecutor for many years.  “Congressman Joyce is aware of the value of strategic tax foreclosures and the need to repurpose non-productive properties through that process,” said Nick Ciofani, District Director for Congressman Joyce.

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