SWAT Training on Land Bank Property in Warrensville Heights

At the Cuyahoga Land Bank, we sometimes surprise ourselves with some of the uses found for properties in our inventory that cannot be renovated.  A property slated for demolition in Warrensville Heights was used as a training facility for the Cleveland Heights Police Special Response Team (SRT)? Earlier in the year, a property was used for fire fighter training.
This partnership provides real-life trGroup_Photoaining to officers and removes a severely neglected building.
“This training is a valuable community asset,” said Cheryl Stephens, Director of Acquisition, Disposition and Development at the Cuyahoga Land Bank.  “Because we were able to make this property available to the Cleveland Heights SRT, the officers gained invaluable hands-on experience.”
The SRT officers completed a classroom training session prior to participating in a training lead by Sergeant Michael D’Amico and Sergeant Corrigan at the property.  The SRT officers were trained to perform building searches, rapid response to shooter tactics, tactical breaching of doors and windows and how to use less lethal distraction devices and chemical munitions.   The team members also learned how to properly use gas masks.  SWAT_Raid
“We are very fortunate that the Cuyahoga Land Bank makes buildings like this available to our department and other departments in the area,” said Sergeant D’Amico.  “Training opportunities in buildings such as this are challenging for us and they give us an element of surprise since we are not familiar with the property.”
Both team leaders for the SRT team, Sergeant D’Amico and Sergeant Corrigan, are instructors for Less Lethal Distraction Devices and Chemical Munitions.
“Being able to use the space for training helps us learn to work in new environments and helps keep our skills sharp,” said Sergeant D’Amico.  “Although we work in the same department, we aren’t all assigned together. This helps us learn together, practice together, and work together as a team.”

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