Did you know?

The Cuyahoga Land Bank is currently launching a new Greening Program with supporHHF 4t from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP).  The program was inspired by the success of a similar nationally recognized program, Reimagining Cleveland.  Through the NIP Greening Program, the Cuyahoga Land Bank will be able to transform hundreds of formerly vacant and demolished properties into beautiful green space.  The program will coincide with the Cuyahoga Land Bank Side Yard Program to beautify the vacant lots adjacent to residents’ homes.  The lots eligible for the program will be improved through additional landscaping, trees and fencing. The program will not only beautify vacant lots but also add to the aesthetics of the street, stabilize surrounding properties, and offer the community healthy green space for passive and active recreation. The Cuyahoga Land Bank is excited that the NIP Greening Program is underway.  The program is a great opportunity to transform vacant lots into community assets!

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