Randall Park Mall Demolition Clears Way for New Investment

In 1976, the newly built Randall Park Mall was bustling and busy, teeming with shoppers. The new mall featured 200 retail shops and at that time, was the country’s largest mall, known for its high-end stores. Land Bank Staff
Today shopping in the Village of North Randall is a distant memory. The once glamorous mall is being demolished to make way for a new industrial park which will house manufacturing and potentially a distribution center.
“The Village of North Randall, Mayor David Smith, saw this as a challenge to re-energize the community.  For several years, he doggedly met with development officials, County Development offices and staff at the Cuyahoga Land Bank in order to assemble the site and now Mayor Smith has finally succeeded,” said Gus Frangos, President and General Counsel, Cuyahoga Land Bank. “We must be about turning these situations into opportunities. This will now become the venue for jobs and renewed retail activity in our Village. Redeveloping the land will help North Randall meet a growing demand for industrial space, while benefiting the community both aesthetically and economically,” Land Bank Staffsaid Mayor Smith.
The Industrial Realty Group (IRG) is taking on the new development.  With the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s help, IRG acquired the former Dillard’s department store land parcel while IRG acquired the remaining mall parcels.
On December 29, 2014, IRG crews began demolishing the abandoned Dillard’s department store and its attached buildings. The demolition provided an instant face-lift to the area. According to reports, the full development site could involve more than seven hundred thousand square feet of construction and the approximate addition of one thousand new jobs.Land Bank Staff
“The redevelopment of this land is a new beginning for the Village of North Randall,” said Charles Horvath, Building Commissioner for the Village. “I am looking forward to the area’s transformation into a vibrant area of growth.” Demolition of the site will take several weeks.
Watch video footage of the demo on YouTube.
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