Neighborhood Developer on a Mission

As a former U.S. Marine, local developer Daryl Anderson has been on many missions during his tour of duty in various countries. Daryl Anderson understands missions.
Anderson and his team at AP Business Solutions is now on a mission to help stabilize neighborhoods on Cleveland’s near west side.  Working with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization and the Cuyahoga Land Bank, AP Business Solutions has renovated over a dozen homes on behalf of its real estate construction business as well as with partner investors who work with AP Solutions to renovate homes.
What is unique about this mission, is that AP Business Solutions works with Catholic Charities, US Together and International Services Center to provide quality housing for legal refugees relocating to Cleveland’s near westside.  Even more unique is the fact that many of Land Bank Staff the people that help renovate these homes include the very refugees that AP Solutions trains to provide housing.  The benefits to the community are many.
First, distressed homes are renovated and become occupied productive properties.  Second, by working with the refugee service organizations, properly screened refugees are repopulating the City of Cleveland.  These refugees have a high rate of employment, involvement in the community and appreciation for being in the United States coming from oppressive or war-torn areas throughout the world.  Third, many of these refugees are getting trained as skilled tradesmen in home renovation.
“I love this kind of work. It is very gratifying when you can tie your work to an important social contribution to the community,” said Anderson.
As a result the AP Business Solutions “business with a social conscience,” partnered with the Cuyahoga Land Bank to renovate several homes in their inventory.  Among some of the recent projects will be two multi-family small apartment buildings just outside the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood service area.  This is an area particularly desirable and affordable for those clients referred by the refugee service organizations.
One of these projects includes a four suite apartment building donated by Wells Fargo Bank to the Cuyahoga Land Bank which is very suitable for renovation.  “We asked Wells Fargo if it would contribute this foreclosed property in its inventory, and explained the purpose behind the donation. Wells Fargo honored our request and donated this property,” said President and General Counsel Gus Frangos.  Wells Fargo and the Cuyahoga Land Bank have had an ongoing cooperative relationship to re-purpose distressed properties.  For several years, Wells Fargo has donated properties in need of demolition, and has paid the full price for demolition.
Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization Director Jeff Ramsey acknowledged his work with AP Solutions and said, “I wish we had ten more such developers in our neighborhood. They do timely, quality work and maintain the properties in a professional manner.”
The Cuyahoga Land Bank will develop the Wells Fargo donated property in partnership with AP Business Solutions.
Cuyahoga Land Bank Board Chairman Anthony Brancatelli praised the work of the Cuyahoga Land Bank by noting that through the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s relationships, many creative collaborations take place.  “When you consider that the Cuyahoga Land Bank is able to identify quality developers through the CDC network and push banks to cooperate on donating higher value properties, this is a testament to the quality work and reputation of the Cuyahoga Land Bank,” said Brancatelli.

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