Production Numbers 2015

Production Type  2015 Count Total Total Property Acquisitions 1170 5942 Total Properties Sold 221 1120 Total Disposed Properties 702 4176 Total Demolitions 839 3926 Total Facilitated Renovations 216 1214

2015 Funding Highlights

In 2015, the Cuyahoga Land Bank conituned to build on its success in administering the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) in Cuyahoga County.  The Ohio Housing Financing Agency (OHFA) established the NIP program in 2014, following the advocacy of the Thriving Communities Institute. Read more ›

2015 Year in Reflection

For the Cuyahoga Land Bank, 2015 could be described as a year of sowing and reaping.  The organization has deepened its roots in many ways and with many organizations including its Community Development Corporations, faith-based institutions and social service agencies.  Read more ›