2015 Year in Reflection

For the Cuyahoga Land Bank, 2015 could be described as a year of sowing and reaping.  The orgaLand Bank Staff nization has deepened its roots in many ways and with many organizations including its Community Development Corporations, faith-based institutions and social service agencies.  While the Cuyahoga Land Bank continues to focus primarily on blight elimination, improving the tax base and facilitating home renovations, the seeds sown are beginning to take root and sprouted in ways that serve people in so many ways.
By meeting the facility needs of many population groups such as veterans, students, new home owners, legally settled refugees, re-entry and other stakeholder groups, the Cuyahoga Land Bank not only promotes its mission to support housing and eliminate blight, but has served many of the agencies whose missions serve the needs of the county’s citizens.
The Cuyahoga Land Bank continues to match distressed properties with economic development partners who acquire, renovate and place these properties back onto the productive tax duplicate.  The Cuyahoga Land Bank has become an important tool in helping to improve the quality of life of Cuyahoga County citizens.  We appreciate all of the collaborations, support and work with our partners, be they government, non-profits and social service stakeholders.

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