New life for a Cleveland Heights lot

The Cuyahoga Land Bank recently acquired a house on Alpine Road next door to an undeveloped vacant lot. The lot was previously the site of dilapidated property that was razed some years ago. Buyer Frank Kuhar approached the Cuyahoga Land Bank with a strategy to renovate the property. The strategy will be to use the Universal Design Standard. This design wiLand Bank Staff ll allow the home to be accessible for all ages, needs or abilities. To reach Frank’s desired goal for this property, a garage was needed. Frank inquired about building on the vacant lot adjacent to the house.
Working with the City of Cleveland Heights, the Cuyahoga Land Bank was able to acquire the lot  where an attached garage will ultimately be built. Frank stated, “The Universal Design is meant to create a home where a person can age in place and grow with the property. This includes those with disabilities and handicaps.” The renovation will include larger spaces for entry, and the exterior will blend with the existing houses on the street. The property will be significantly improved and a once vacant lot can now become part of someone’s home again!

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