Senator Rob Portman Visits Women in Recovery

By Alyssa Platek
At the Cuyahoga Land Bank, we are particularly proud of our partnerships that help make a real difference in the communities we serve. One such collaboration is our work with The Woodrow Project, an organization dedicated to providing a safe, stable and supportive environment for women in recovery. Through the Woodrow Project, women in recovery are able to return to healthy and productive lifestyles, and access needed referrals for outpatient treatment, employment and mental health services. Read more ›

Considering Buying a Home? How Does Move-In Ready Sound to You?

By KC Petraitis
We’ve all heard the horror stories. You know, the one about the couple who purchased their dream home only to find it a complete money pit? If you’re like most first-time home-buyers, your house-hunting decision may come down to two options – the beautifully built modern or renovated home that is way outside your price range, or the moderately priced fixer-upper that will take a lot of additional money and sweat equity to make it your dream home. Read more ›

“HGTV’s Got Nothing on Me!”

By KC Petraitis
We’ve all watched in awe as individuals on TV turn dilapidated properties into dream homes – and make a small fortune doing it. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I could do that!” the Cuyahoga Land Bank may have the perfect fixer-upper house. Read more ›