Going Green

Each summer, the Cuyahoga Land Bank works to “green” vacant land left behind after a blighted house is demolished.  Vacant lots are either held for future development, transferred to the appropriate municipality or converted to other productive uses.  Our land reuse experts are Read more ›

Tax Foreclosure 101

By Terri Kevany

The impact of tax foreclosures and forfeitures in Cuyahoga County is far reaching. Tax foreclosures impact homeowners and the overall economic health of our region. The Cuyahoga Land Bank recently participated in an informational workshop convened by Cuyahoga County officials for all County administrative offices, Community Development Corporations (CDCs), and municipalities to better understand the tax foreclosure and forfeiture processes, and how strategic land dispositions can be encouraged through interrelationships between the entities involved. Read more ›

Welcome To Our New Blog

By Jacqui Knettel

At the Cuyahoga Land Bank, we understand that good relationships and communication with our stakeholders is essential to our success. We make it a priority to communicate regularly about our efforts through our e-newsletter, social media and our blog. We recently redesigned the look and functionality of our blog page and are excited for you to take a look. Read more ›