June is Record Setting Month for Land Bank

The Cuyahoga Land Bank had a record setting month of June as 384 properties poured into its inventory. Typically, that number is closer to 110 properties per month. So why the big increase? The simple answer is collaboration. The Cuyahoga Land Bank continues to work diligently with the Offices of the Cuyahoga County Treasurer and Prosecutor to fine tune the process of getting vacant and abandoned properties through the foreclosure process so that the homes do not continue to deteriorate and cause safety and crime issues in our neighborhoods.

Of the 384 properties acquired in June, 326 properties came through the tax foreclosure process. Another 33 homes came to the Land Bank through tax forfeiture that month. The Land Bank’s Acquisitions, Dispositions and Development team is working to evaluate each property to determine whether a property can be renovated or, if structurally beyond repair, schedule demolition.

In November 2016, the Land Bank acquired 227 properties (192 through tax foreclosure) and in February 2017, it acquired 205 properties (177 through tax foreclosure).

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