Housing Solutions Through Community Collaboration

Beyond acquisition, demolition and renovation of blighted properties in the county, the Cuyahoga Land Bank makes strategic transactions that have immediate and far-reaching effects on many special needs and at-risk populations in our community. Since 2015, the Cuyahoga Land Bank has been involved in dozens of collaborations with social service, faith-based and non-profit organizations that offer affordable housing, community stabilization, and skilled training opportunities.

Working collaboratively, the Cuyahoga Land Bank identifies unique property uses that benefit community-based organizations and the citizens they serve. Through property donations to local organizations and churches, affordable housing solutions have been created that address housing needs for veterans, recovery housing, single mothers, those aging out of foster care, and individuals re-entering the community after incarceration.

Community and faith-based organizations with land or property-specific needs related to their mission can call on the Cuyahoga Land Bank. Find out more information about our community collaborations and partnerships here.

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