KC Petraitis Joins University Circle Inc. Team

In early August, the Cuyahoga Land Bank bid farewell to team member KC Petraitis who has taken a new position as the Director of Real Estate at University Circle Inc.  Petraitis had served as Real Estate Officer at the Cuyahoga Land Bank since 2014.  “I want to thank all my friends here at the Cuyahoga Land Bank and all our contractors for the wonderful experiences and the successes we all had together,” said Petraitis.

“KC has been instrumental in many dynamic in-house renovations for the Cuyahoga Land Bank,” said Gus Frangos, President and General Counsel.  “Under his watch, dozens of properties have been renovated and hundreds of thousands of dollars returned to the County tax rolls. We look forward to working with KC in his work with our friends at University Circle Inc.,” said Frangos.

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