Land Bank Property Serves as Site for Fire Training

Firefighters put their lives in danger on the job every day, and one of the riskier events emergency responders face is rescuing people from collapsed structures. With no room for mistakes, training is especially important in preparing for this type of low-frequency, high danger situation.

Recently, Cleveland Fire Academy students and the Ohio Region 2 Urban Search and Rescue Strike Team participated in a structural collapse training exercise at a Cuyahoga Land Bank-owned property in Cleveland scheduled for demolition. The Cleveland Fire Academy trains at Cuyahoga Land Bank properties several times a year. The training enables firefighters to practice skills and tactics to get people safely out of a damaged building. Just weeks later the Search and Rescue Strike Team responded to a call that allowed them to utilize their recent training. The opportunity for first responders to simulate a life-like situation is an invaluable learning opportunity.

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