Cuyahoga Land Bank Develops Another New-Build Home

The Cuyahoga Land Bank recently developed another new, modern single-family home. The 2-bedroom, 3-bath home on Hancock Avenue in Cleveland’s trendy Ohio City neighborhood stands on the site of a formerly blighted and abandoned property.

“The development and sale of these two homes showcases the development arm of the Cuyahoga Land Bank,” says Dennis Roberts, Esq., Director of Programs and Property Management at the Cuyahoga Land Bank.  “When you can put tax delinquent, foreclosed and neglected properties back into productive use, it’s a big win for the community. Through the strategic use of the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s new construction development arm, it is able to generate funds for important affordable housing initiatives and projects in traditionally under-resourced neighborhoods.”

Civic Builders, the construction company selected by the Cuyahoga Land Bank to build this home, is a Cleveland-based company that has completed numerous new homes in Cleveland for over 25 years.

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