Farewell Lilah!

In February, the Cuyahoga Land Bank bid farewell to Lilah Zautner who will be returning to her environmental roots to become the Property Acquisition Manager for Watersheds at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD). Lilah has served as the Manager of Special Projects and Land Reuse at the Cuyahoga Land Bank since 2013.  “I am excited to become a part of the team responsible for keeping our Great Lake great,” said Zautner. “My inspiration is my family,” she said.

“Lilah has been an extraordinary asset to the Cuyahoga Land Bank,” said Gus Frangos, President and General Counsel. “During Lilah’s tenure, she has executed over 700 side lot transfers with neighbors, over 300 greening projects throughout the city and has worked with more than 40 of our “special projects” non-profits providing affordable housing to special populations, including single moms, re-entry clients, those aging out of foster care, veterans, transitional and recovery services, not to mention the development projects with large and small developers, CDC and municipalities. We wish Lilah the greatest success at NEORSD,” said Frangos.

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