How to Buy a (Land Bank) Home

Ready to buy a new home, but not sure if you can afford it or where to start? The Cuyahoga Land Bank offers newly renovated properties in many Cuyahoga County communities that are worth a look. These high-quality homes have modern amenities and fully upgraded systems, creating safe and modernized housing for many.

Buying a new home can be intimidating, but with these nine easy steps, you’ll find yourself move-in ready in no time!

  1. First, you’ll want to consider the type of home you are looking for and how to budget your costs. Factors such as annual household income, outstanding debt including educational and vehicle loans, available down payment, and credit score all factor into how much home you can afford.
  2. There are up-front costs to consider when figuring out your budget, including bank or lender application fees and home inspection fees that must be paid during the process of finding a home and the process of pre-qualifying.  And, keep in mind that the length of your loan will affect the total interest that you will pay, and the bigger the down payment, the lower your monthly payments.
  3. Approach a lender to find out if you pre-qualify for a mortgage. A few basic requirements needed for approval generally include a credit score at a minimum of 580, two years of steady income and cash for your down payment.  (One of our partnering organizations, CHN Housing Capital, can assist with assessing your readiness to buy and overcoming hurdles to becoming pre-qualified.
  4. Once you have a plan that fits your needs, start looking for your dream home. You can easily search for homes for sale and compare prices with real estate websites like Zillow or Be sure to regularly check the Cuyahoga Land Bank website for our latest renovated homes for sale.
  5. Once you find your dream home, contact the listing agent to help you with the purchasing process.
  6. Next, research and select a title company, or ask your mortgage lender for recommendations.
  7. Now make an offer! Once accepted, it’s time to sign a contract.
  8. Complete the process with an appraisal and inspection of your home and pay all associated costs. Don’t forget home insurance.
  9. Move in and enjoy your new home! 

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