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Director of Programs and Property Management Dennis Roberts is an attorney and a real estate agent. These competencies sure come in handy every day in a job that requires negotiating contracts with myriad vendors, builders, and property purchasers!

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The Cuyahoga Land Bank has earned a reputation as the most progressive entity in the country dedicated to eliminating vacant, blighted properties and returning them to productive use.

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Providing vacant property maintenance is a critical part of managing land bank properties. The Cuyahoga Land Bank, over the past year, has maintained over 3,500 properties in its inventory. These responsibilities include cutting grass, removing debris, and boarding up structures. Read more ›

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The Cuyahoga County Department of Development offers several housing assistance programs to help Cuyahoga County residents achieve and maintain home ownership in our community.  Programs such as the Four Component (4COM) Home Repair Loan Program, Home Weatherization Assistance Program, Lead Read more ›

Did You Know? We Hire Contractors

The Cuyahoga Land Bank works with a diverse group of local contractors in our demolition work, as well as maintaining vacant lots and rehabilitating abandoned and foreclosed properties. We are always on the lookout for quality contractors that specialize in Read more ›

Considering Buying a Home? How Does Move-In Ready Sound to You?

By KC Petraitis
We’ve all heard the horror stories. You know, the one about the couple who purchased their dream home only to find it a complete money pit? If you’re like most first-time home-buyers, your house-hunting decision may come down to two options – the beautifully built modern or renovated home that is way outside your price range, or the moderately priced fixer-upper that will take a lot of additional money and sweat equity to make it your dream home. Read more ›

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The Cuyahoga Land Bank has been involved in nearly a dozen collaborations with social service organizations and non-profits in the region that offer affordable housing, community stabilization, and skilled training opportunities. Our mission is to reduce blight, increase property values, Read more ›

Mission Complete Celebration

A second home was sold to a Northeast Ohio veteran through project Mission Complete in December. This is the second local project in South Euclid that partnered with the Purple Heart Homes, City of South Euclid and the Cuyahoga Land Bank to rehabilitate Read more ›

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This past summer the Cuyahoga Land Bank had the opportunity to host a student intern through the Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship Program.  Staff member Lilah Zautner, Manager of Special Projects and Land Reuse, has shared the success of the program Read more ›

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Jason Knauer recently joined the staff at the Cuyahoga Land Bank as the Land Reuse Program Assistant. Jason’s primary role will include outreach and assistance to residents who would like to purchase vacant lots adjacent to their homes through the Read more ›

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This summer the Cuyahoga Land Bank has had the opportunity to host Joyce Pan Huang who was sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship Program.  Joyce is currently a graduate student of the Masters in Urban Planning, Design and Development Read more ›

Larchmere Community Award

The Cuyahoga Land Bank was recently recognized by Larchmere Merchants Association, Larchmere Community Association, Shaker Square Development Corporation, and Shaker Square Alliance for their work with the Larchmere community in the redevelopment and acquisition of the Sedlak Building on Larchmere Read more ›

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The Cuyahoga Land Bank was recently awarded the Community Impact Award by the Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS) and American Institute of Architects Cleveland (AIA). The award was given to the Cuyahoga Land Bank for their work with Famicos Foundation Historic Read more ›

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The Cuyahoga Land Bank partners with Court Community Service which supervises community service work crews to assist with property maintenance for the Cuyahoga Land Bank properties. Here is an overview of the outcomes from the partnership in 2014: Hours Worked: Read more ›

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The Cuyahoga Land Bank would like to welcome our new Board of Directors for 2015.  This years new members include Armond Budish Cuyahoga County Executive, W. Christopher Murray II Cuyahoga County Treasurer and Dan Brady President of Cuyahoga County Council.  Read more ›

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Spring is here and the Cuyahoga Land Bank NIP Greening Program is now in full force!  The program is made possible by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP).  The program works along with the Cuyahoga Land Bank Read more ›

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At the end of February, 2015, the Cuyahoga Land Bank executed a second licensing agreement for its Property Profile System (PPS) to the Mahoning County Land Bank. PPS is a property management software system that performs a variety of functions Read more ›

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This past fall the Cuyahoga Land Bank founded CLB Services, an environmental services company. Kenneth Tyson became the first Executive Director of CLB Services after leaving his position at the Cuyahoga Land Bank. The company currently offers Hazard Evaluation Surveys Read more ›